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Saturday, April 21st, 2007
3:55 pm
This is a picture of my son!!!

That was when he was playing at a concert in Macon, Ga.

This next one is more recent. He is the one with big smile on his face and the ripped jeans!

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Friday, April 20th, 2007
3:40 pm
Wuz sup?
So, what is going on with you guys? I would love to hear from some of you and find out a little about you. My guess is you guys are all very young... I am 54 but don't feel a day over 70 in my body but my brain is still Sweet 16!! I have a wonderful husband, 2 wonderful kids and three grandchildren, 2 step kids and 2 step grandchildren. We all get along just great. We also have 3 dogs and 3 cats and 2 horses and 2 donkeys. We live on 130 acres of beautiful land with cows all over the place. My grandchildren live in Miami so every summer they come and spend all summer on the farm and they have a blast. They bring their 4 wheelers and their bikes and skateboards and we let them run loose. They can get as dirty as they want. My daughter is real picky.....but she's not here all summer. They even get to squirt the dirt (boys only). If you know what that is....

This year we are going to teach them to ride horses and my hubby is going to try and teach them to rope some. We hope to have two more horses when they get here. It will be so much fun!! We have two boys and 1 girl that is a real firecracker. She is the youngest so she has to be to keep up with her two brothers.

Anyway, thats some of my life....how about yours???

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Thursday, April 19th, 2007
10:48 pm
On Wednesday both my husband and I had Dr. appointments at the same time with the same Dr. She always hugs us when we come in and she is very candid with us both. We are both diabetic so she makes us take our shoes and socks off as soon as she comes in. She is very good and we just love her to pieces. I am on this new shot for diabetics that is suppose to help you lose weight. I stopped giving myself 2 shots a day and did it only once cause I felt my sugar was dropping too much and she told me to go back to the two a day and give it two weeks!! She kinda fussed at me. Ha... my blood pressure was not where it should be and I already take 4 bp medications but now I have another one that has more of a diuretic in it. My hubby's bp was also up and she added another one for him. I had lab work and have to see my opthamlogist next week. My eyes are horrible and get worse everyday. I can see better in the evening than I can in the daytime. I have a horrible time reading numbers. Its been 7 years since I had my eyes checked. I can't wait to get new glasses but I can wait to see what the bill will be. I am now wearing bifocals with the invisable line and while I am on the computer I have my head leaned back so far it makes my neck hurt!!! Crazy, huh?

Everyone that reads this, please pray for the families of the victims in Virginia. Also, pray for the parents and family of the crazed murderer. I can't imagine what they are going thru knowing what their son has done to so many!!

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Monday, April 16th, 2007
10:55 pm
Crazy Weather!!
Can any of you believe this weather? Its crazy everywhere and not at all seasonable for any part of the US. I am reminded in the bible where it is talking about the ends of time where each season will run into another season and we will hardly be able to tell where one starts and the other ends. Last weekend we had our air condition on and this weekend we had our heat on!! I wish it could stay fall and spring all year. I don't like the heat and I don't like the cold....guess that makes me lukewarm and you know what God does with the lukewarm???

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Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
12:45 pm
Wednesday-3 days past Easter!
Oh my, we had such a great trip to Georgia. I got to see my son everyday and we all went to a Passion Play and it was awesome. We also boiled eggs and colored them to hid for the two smallest of the clan. It was fun. Sunrise service was COLD...but refreshing and it is always so much fun to go back to your old homeplace church and see all your friends. We had a great trip home and it was so good to see my Mother-in-law again and of course our furbabies. They were so excited to see us, they just keep running back and forth between us and barking!! We let them in the house and they all passed out since they've been "protecting" home while we were gone and they were exhausted!!

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Thursday, March 29th, 2007
5:33 pm
Home at Last

I am so excited!! We are going to my best friends house next week and as an added bonus my son lives 3 miles from her!! My hubby and her hubby love each other too so we all have such a good time when we get together. Its where I lived for 30 years, raised my family, attended church, where my parents are buried and where I divorced my ex. So, its like old home week for me whenever we go. We love my old church and we always go out with a group of them after church on Sunday and Wednesdays. That way I get to see alot of friends at once and not miss anyone.

The parents got home around midnight last night and they slept with the kids until we all got up this morning. They had a blast and the kids were real excited to see them. They brought us back a t-shirt and coffee mugs. I told them I'd rather had "lobster" from Maine.

Tomorrow is a big day. We are meeting some friends at Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then we're all going to church and help set up and decorate the fellowship hall cause we are hosting an area wide singing. Then the singing is tomorrow night. My step daughter is coming home for the weekend and we're going to Shiloh, Tenn to see the civil war enactment with a group of 20 from church on Sat. My hubby is driving the church van. We will have a blast!!! Then we will be leaving next tuesday for Ga. and not come back until after Easter!!!

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Wednesday, March 28th, 2007
10:54 pm
Time to go home!!
Well, our babysitting job is about to be over. The parents are coming home tonight or should I say in the morning. Their flight comes in at 9 but then they have a 3 hr drive to get home. So, we are still going to bed and if they wake us up we can just get in the car and go down the hill to home. I really am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. The kids have been great. Our 6 yr old granddaughter gets herself ready for bed and actually goes to bed at 8 without a word. We took them out to supper and all she wanted was a corn dog and then when she got it she took the batter off... we paid $3 for a lousy wennie on a stick!! Thats kids for you. Her brother ate a rib eye and so did I and they were yummy. We both cleaned our plates!!! Our furbabies can't understand why we are staying here so much. I think they are ready to go home too. Which they can go home anytime, but they want to be close to us. They are so good too.
Lost was good tonight, a little confusing but it was good. I have a hard time remembering things as it is, but they are trying to tie this new couple in to the beginning and they weren't actually ever seen before now. I love never knowing what to expect. Anyhoooo.... Good Night All!!
Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
10:32 pm
Tired Tuesday
Okay, I am ready for the parents to be home.  I am tooooo old for this.  Trying to keep two houses clean is no fun.  You'd think since we're not at home that it wouldn't get dirty but I go get stuff for us to eat and I bought groceries and we have furbabies to feed.  I had to get detergent today to wash and I have got to get that done tomorrow since we are going out of town this weekend.  
We got an invitation from my Step Daughter for her graduation from Law School... I am so proud of her.  She already has a job as a lawyer starting in August.  Of course she has to pass the bar but she is so smart I am sure she will. 

Plus another sweet thing happened to day.  Our granddaughter lost her first tooth!!!  Her brother (13) took her in the bathroom and a few minutes later she walked out holding her mouth and something in her other hand.  I said whats the matter???  I lost a toofffff and I am scared.  She was so funny.  I said well you better call your mom cause she is going to have a fit that she wasn't here to see it cause the Tooth Fairy will come and take it away tonight.  I asked her what the tooth fairy does with her teeth and she said she will leave me money and I said how much money?  She said about fifty dollars!!!  I said no, I don't think so.... when I was little I got quarters and one time I got a silver dollar.  She called her Mom and then she talked to me and said to put $5 under her pillow.  I took five ones and rolled them up and put a ribbon around them and took her tooth.  She never even moved!!
I can barely remember being that young..... it was such a sweet time.  I love Christmas with the grandkids... we have so much fun.

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Monday, March 26th, 2007
4:07 pm
Mad Monday
Uhhh, sup?  I am trying my best to learn  you guys around here!!  I hope I don't make anyone mad by befriending you.  I guess I should ask before I go clicking away.   

My grandchildren have been great but I didn't sleep worth a toot.  They have a sleep number bed but I couldn't find my number cause I felt awful this morning.  And when you have fibro you need a good 8 -10 hours of sleep or the pain starts.  After we got them off to school I took off to our house and slept in my bed for two hours.  Its a memory foam bed and its great for fibro.  I felt better after two hours on it than I did all night long.  Even all the drugs I take don't help when your uncomfortable!!!  

I am cooking spagetti, the kids favorite along with some smelly bread they call it..  Had to go shopping to day and get all the ingredients.   mmmmmgood

My hubby has been taking down our wooden fence around the farm because we are going to put up a metal one.  Its a white cross bar type.  We're going to use the old wood down by the barn closest to our house.and put up the old wood for a fence.   The new one is up by the road.  It will be so pretty when its done.  We don't throw anything away.  We have loads of old barnwood cause a couple of years ago my hubby torn one down on someones property just for the lumber.  We like to make signs and furniture out of it.  Its very expensive to buy....cause it has charm!!!  Ha... 

Well, take it easy folks and I'll be back here tomorrow!!!  Have a blessed day!!!

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Sunday, March 25th, 2007
8:46 pm
Sunny Sunday
Hello all.  Today has been absolutely georgeous... Did I say that yesterday???  Probably.  Well, we are staying with our two grand children while their folks are out of town.  They just live up the hill from us but its like a nice little get away for us except our furbabies won't go home and let us alone!!  They are so spoiled.  They think they should be able to come in  here too.  They have a dog too so we don't let them all in at the same time.

Our church is going on a little outting on Sat and I am looking forward to it.  We are going to Shiloh, Tenn to see a Civilwar enactment.  They will dress in period and live like they did back then.  It should be fun.

God is good in Alabama..  Well, HE is good everywhere but especially here!!  Have a wonderful week!!!  God Bless!!!

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Friday, March 23rd, 2007
11:09 pm
Fabulous Friday

Oh my, its a beautiful day.  We are going to be keeping two of our grandkids this weekend and 3 days next week.  The girl is 6 and her brother is 13.  We just have a blast when we all get together.  We love to play games so thats how we spend our time.  Tomorrow though we are going on an Easter Egg Hunt at our church.  It will be fun and its suppose to be beautiful all day!  I am not a morning person so my dear hubby will get up with the kids and keep them entertained until I get up and cook breakfast.  He is a morning person, he gets up singing and talking and so full of life.  Its hard to be depressed around him.  He is a wonderful man. 

Our poor dogs think they are being mistreated because since it hasn't been cold, we have been making them stay out at night.  Of course the baby girl gets to stay in.  (her name is Tick and she is a pit bull)  She is no little girl either.  She weighs 85 lbs.  We have a beauty which is my baby, he is Petey and he is a straffordshire pit bull terrier.  He is hugh and really muscular, he weigh 100 lbs.  Then we have a corgie who is short legged and very muscular and his name is "BooBoo".  We love our furchildren very much.  Ha.....  :-)  I will have to get some pictures and put on my journal site!!

Have a beautiful weekend and stay safe!!!

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Thursday, March 22nd, 2007
4:45 pm
Thankful for Thursday~~

 Well, my day started out great.  We had a bible study at church and our preacher teaches it.  He is very very good.  He makes you dig deep in the scriptures and I love that.  We are study Eccles  where "There's a time for.....verses.
Today it was a "time to lose."
  Its so comforting to know that God loves me unconditionally and I don't have to depend on the gratitudes of man to make my life complete.  Even as dirty and as sinful as I am my God loves me in spite of all of it and he has forgiven me of it and still loves me!  Praise God!!!  And when I pray I must do it in God's will even though I want MINE..... I do offer it up to him in His Will and if I don't mean it then how can He  answer it and if he did and I thought it was my will then God wouldn't get the glory for it I would.....  Whew.....that is good!!

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Wednesday, March 21st, 2007
11:36 pm
Better Explain
Okay guys and gals.  My first entry was true except for the picture!!  Its not really my house..... its a joke... okay?   

    This is our front yard and our two horses.
11:34 pm
Nothing Much

Nothing much....just want to whine.  Do you ever get tired of people that mean well but hurt your feelings in the process???  I am disabled and alot of people don't know that.  I guess they think I am just fat and lazy.  I have lots of things wrong with me but the most debilitating is my fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic bursistis in my hips and neuropathy in my feet.  My doctor changed alot of my medicine yesterday and increased my thyroid by double so it really knocked me for aloop today.  All I could do was sleep so I didn't go to church with my hubby tonight.  A very well meaning member asked him where I was and he told her my med's had been changed and I was exhausted.  She said, well, does she ever do any exercise????  He said well she does have a rowing machine.  It just really rubbed me the wrong way because I know why that question came out of her mouth.  I saw her in Walmart on Tues and I was in a scooter getting a few groceries.  I think she just thought I was being lazy cause I have never talked to her about my health.  Anyway, pray for my attitude!!  I just get so defensive when it seems folks are judging you when they really don't even know you!!!!

Pray I have a better day tomorrow.  I started a new injection also for my diabetes but I just started it tonight.  We well see how well that works!!


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Tuesday, March 20th, 2007
1:24 am
It's ME!!

Well, here I am!!  I am brand spanking new to this "blog land".  So far so good and I like it.  I am hoping to meet some new folks and make some new friends!!   I will be "lurching around" for the next few days to see what is going on.
I live in Alabama and in the country on 133 acres.  We have cows, horses, dogs, donkeys, and tom cats!!  We love it here.  Yes, I am a redneck......  RNC 
                                             This is our house we decorated at Christmas.  And we are "Roll Tide" fans!!
Yall send me some comments, ya hear?

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